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As you all know, this group has been dead for some time. Well, some what dead. Aside from Dr Paine, who has voted on stuff from time to time, I've been the only contributor when it comes to the submission process. That makes it hard for me to accept or decline submissions when I'm not available.

"So why the sudden journal after nearly two years of inactivity?"
Well, I requested ownership a few weeks ago during my visit home (part of the reason why I was unable to make this journal, among other things). I hope to bring the group back to life with whatever is left of the community. Having people continue to create journals about recent Valve activity, increasing the amount of artwork that gets submitted here, and hopefully re-upgrading the group when the time comes.

That being said, I will be looking for contributors who are interested in assisting me with this. Send me a note either through the group, or more conveniently to my dA.  

The requirements are as follows:

-Age (will be taken into account)
-Contact information (skype, steam, etc)
-Past/current experience with groups (In other words: History. What groups have you been apart of?).
-An explanation on why you think you would be a good choice?
-(optional) Any referrals.

Simple enough. After they are submitted, I will contact you if I am consider granting you the position. We will then have a conversation so I can get a feel for how you are as a person.

This is the only means I have of obtaining contributors. Seeing as how I lost ties with the community, at least.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get to you as soon as possible. No later than 2 years.

Thanks for understanding and for sticking around~
MichaelTannock Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I appreciate that you're taking these steps, I want to apologise for not seeing the bigger picture.

Good luck, and I hope you're successful in breathing new life into the group.
Random101Man Featured By Owner Edited Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, it is most defiantly time for a Reboot to this group. I do apologize that I haven't contributed anything to the group yet. I was nervous and afraid I wouldn't be seen by the community. As is it hard for many like me to be noticed in groups with so many people.

However that has changed. I plan on getting SFM soon because I have a lot of great ideas for SFM posters and crossovers, and I feel that could help reboot the group, letting others know that they can great and have a great time on the group.

And I would like to help rise this group again. Just note me if you want to talk on further details.

I would like to know more details of how this group has failed in ways, and what can be done to revive it.
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July 21, 2014


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